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About Tebet Lumber

Tebet Lumber has been sourcing and supplying wood products since 2003, representing, taking care and supporting buyers from several countries on their purchases in Brazil.

The company is an extension of the importers’ offices and inspection team, generating a reduction on costs and minimizing the cultural barriers.

During these years, Tebet Lumber has always focused on the respect and protection for the Environment, exclusively working with wood derived from sustained managed forests, certified by IBAMA; (Brazilian Government Environmental Institution) with fully approved Chains of Custody and reliable forest stewardship.

Tebet Lumber treats both customers and suppliers as true partners, always aiming for mutual benefits and cooperation.

For this reason several customers who bought through us in the beginning, still do it now as they feel safe and most important of all, they know our values are solid and that we prize our reputation. Whatever your needs in wood products may be, let us know and we will be glad to assist you! Tebet Lumber – Certified Lumber and Quality Service!!!